The Hirer – Refers to the person / customer named as hirer on the booking form.

The Company – Refers to First Choice Marquee Hire

Ground Conditions – Refers to the adequate conditions for the safe erection of the marquee.

Marquee or Equipment – Refers to the marquee / tentage and all hired in equipment as detailed in the booking form, in part or in full.

Contract – Refers to the signed booking form.
1. Grass to be mown and cleared no less than 24hrs prior to delivery date and site to be totally cleared of all loose items.

  1. Ground conditions need to be ready for when the marquee is delivered.
  2. A charge of £60 per hour is made for waiting for ground conditions to be made ready, or hedge/tree cutting, stone/earth removal from the marquee erection site, ground levelling or similar work or any delay to setting up time which is out of control of the company.
  3. A charge of £80 per hour is made if the company has to undertake any un-agreed ground condition preparation work, or hedge/tree cutting, lawn moving, stone/earth removal, ground levelling or any similar work not agreed on the booking form.
  4. The hire charges do not include attendance by the company’s staff except during the actual process of erecting and dismantling the marquee.
  5. Period of hire is meant to mean the period for which the marquee or equipment is required to be ready for use, as detailed in the booking form.
  6. The hirer shall provide a plan showing the position in which the marquee is to be erected or have a representative on the site for that purpose. In the absence of such a plan or representative, the company having started to erect the marquee or equipment, will be deemed to have started the contract. Repositioning/ alterations to the site after starting will be charged at the appropriate rate.
  7. Statement of Ownership:

The marquee and hired in equipment remains the property of the company. The hirer undertakes not to sell, loan, sub-hire, assign or relinquish possession of any of the hired in equipment, or move, re-site or alter the marquee in anyway whilst under the charge of the hirer.

  1. It is the hirers responsibility to inform the company of the presence of drains, pipes, cables etc. up to a depth of 1m, likely to be affected by the use of marquee securing pegs or stakes and to repair or make good the same and to repair any damage to the site generally and check over the site before normal use resumes.
  2. The hirer is advised to supervise delivery and collection of the marquee and equipment. If no representative is available the hirer will have to take the assessment of any losses or damage reported by the company as true.
  3. The hirer will be responsible for the safe custody of the hired equipment whilst on the site and will make good to the company all losses or damage to the hired equipment or equipment on site (fair wear and tear accepted) unless it be proved that such loss or damage was caused by faulty materials or workmanship.
  4. The hirer is responsible for the safety and security of the marquee and any equipment hired from the company as specified in the booking form for the duration of the hire period, from the time of erection to the time of dismantlement by the company. All losses/damage, however caused, are to be paid for by the hirer at the current retail price as new.
  5. The hirer is advised to take out their own insurance to cover damage, loss, theft, cancellation and public liability for the duration of the hirer period.
  6. The hire charges quoted for tables, chairs and other loose items do not include erecting dismantling or placing.
  7. No cooking allowed in or around any marquee except designated service marquees. A charge for cleaning will be made should any evidence of the aforesaid be found.
  8. To avoid any additional service/cleaning costs, the marquee should be cleared of all loose items not supplied by the company i.e. tables, chairs, decorations, bin bags the night before the collection day.
  9. To avoid any additional service/cleaning costs no tape or adhesive should be used on the canvas of the marquee.

Any damage to equipment placed in the marquee.

  2. All lighting will terminate at the side of the marquee unless specific electrical distribution is mentioned in the contract. Each extension lead will supply a maximum of 10 amps.
  3. Hard flooring will not level uneven ground.
  4. Marquees erected on hard surfaces may have to be bolted to the ground, the company will not be held responsible for any damage caused by this procedure.
  5. A signed booking form is a legally binding contract. 1
  7. A quotation does not constitute a confirmed booking. Stock is not reserved on the basis of a quotation alone.
  8. b. The contract will list everything that we are contracted to provide. Each line will list a separate item. Please make sure that your contract includes for example, tables and chairs, dance floors, power distribution, trestle tables, lining and lighting as these are not included in the price of the marquee.
  9. The company will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in quotations and contracts and reserve the right to correct errors or omissions at a later date.
  10. Bookings can be taken over the telephone and are on a first come first served basis. We reserve the right to cancel any booking not confirmed by the receipt of a signed Contract and deposit payment.
  11. If, following a verbal booking, you should change your mind, please inform us and obtain a cancellation number, otherwise it will remain a booking and you will be liable for a cancellation fee.
  12. If you have received a Contract in error, please inform us immediately or you will be held responsible for the booking.
  13. Prices shown are for a 3 day hire i.e: Delivered on a Friday and collected the following Sunday. Longer periods are available at 10% per day.
  15. Cancellation will only be accepted in writing.
  16. If the event is cancelled 30 days or less before the delivery date, the full balance will still be due.
  17. If the event is cancelled between the time of the deposit having been paid and 31 days or more before the delivery date, 50% of the full balance will still be due.
  18. The company may cancel delivery at any time due to safety reasons.
  19. The date of delivery & date of collection may vary, however, the hirer will be consulted first, unless the change is due to safety reasons e.g. high winds or heavy rain etc in such events the hirer must take the decision of the company as final.
  20. All initial deposits are none refundable unless cancelled in writing within 7 days of the booking date.
  22. All final payments are to be made no later than 30 days before delivery date. All payments are none refundable.
  23. The hirer agrees to pay a 10% credit charge if full payment is not received within 7 days of the event date.
  24. The company reserve the right to charge a deposit to cover part or whole of the equipment hired.
  25. The company reserve the right to charge a deposit to cover loss or damage to equipment.
  26. In the event of an emergency, we reserve the right to substitute alternative sizes of marquees or other equipment to give as near as possible the equivalent requirements.
  27. All hire prices are quoted subject to the site and sub-surface being suitable.
  28. All offers for hire are subject to increase if the site is abnormal and causes an increase in labour and or materials.
  29. All cheques are to be made payable to, “FIRST CHOICE MARQUEE HIRE”
  30. It is the hirer’s responsibility to tape/ cordon off the working area, or to have a representative on site to redirect pedestrians/ traffic around the working area.
  31. As we are not qualified electricians, we strongly advise that the hirer seeks professional advice as to the amount of power required and if additional generators/ electrical back up required.
  32. We strongly advise that if you hire a generator you have spare fuel on site and check the fuel level regularly.
  33. We strongly advise that if you hire a generator you have a spare generator on site to cover break down.